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  1. Off the beaten track in Scotland and Ireland

    Everyone wants to play golf in Scotland and Ireland. Fact. Maybe this is a once in lifetime experience, or perhaps an annual pilgrimage? The bucket lists will be overflowing with your Old courses, whether that’s at Portmarnock, or St Andrews! The Open Championship courses will trip off your tongue, including Portrush, back on the rota, […]

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  2. 9 European cities to visit in 2016

    My Prosecco-fuelled challenge over Christmas was to find the ‘different’ European destinations to visit in 2016. London, Rome, Paris, Barcelona and other similarly beautiful and popular cities are strictly forbidden. Get your hand luggage, no excuses, what about one of the following? It’s the perfect resolution. You’ll have heard of all the following cities, but […]

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  3. 23,442 miles in 60 days

    23,442 miles. Just another October and November for a travel industry professional. You can travel around the world in 60 days, if you work in the travel industry! It reads like a job description for the best job in the world. Whatever. Don’t be facetious! No, it’s true. If I was to say Las Vegas, […]

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  4. Almost a year since the idea

    And so we begin. Grey Nickel has been in operation for a few months now and it is great to be independent, flexible and varied. Thank you to everyone who has supported us during the set-up period. Our clients are varied because Nicky and Graham have certain areas of expertise. We know a lot of […]

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  5. About ready…

    Just dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s prior to shouting about Grey Nickel. We are lucky enough to already have a really fantastic selection of partners at the moment, but we are always be happy to hear from more. The phones are ringing and we are out and about making sure that the plans and […]

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  6. First post

    Grey Nickel has been a Limited company since 4th March 2015. We already have a number of fantastic clients and we have hit the ground running. The educational process of starting a new company, whilst earning some money has been intriguing, but we are enjoying it. The website and our own branding is developing, but […]

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