Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is an iconic hotel and spa in the Heidiland area of Switzerland. With its natural thermal springs, medical centre, Michelin star restaurant and amazing views, the hotel has become synonymous with luxury and wellness.

Grey Nickel worked on a short-term project to link the resort to the travel trade and golf club network in the United Kingdom and Benelux. Although not primarily a golf resort, the role aimed to raise the profile of the golf product within their key European markets and to the golf media.

The leading health resort in Europe


The hotel is comprised of three distinct buildings with different styles and atmosphere, all situated in a spacious, green and picturesque setting in the centre of town.


Views of the area are spectacular and the range of outdoor activities is befitting of the resort’s location, which nestles near the Liechtenstein and Austrian borders.


Water at 37.5 degrees is piped into the thermal spa from the local natural spring in the nearby Tatmina gorge. Known for its healing properties the destination has become a world-renowned wellness and medical centre.

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