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The San Domenico Hotels have an impressive selection of luxurious hotels in Puglia and London.

Probably its signature hotel and most talked about is Borgo Egnazia. A Puglian village created from nothing by the Melpignano family. Now, well and truly on the luxury travel map, it offers a unique experience like nowhere else we have visited. Ideal for couples, families, groups and events, the hotel covers a huge area, positioned well, but hidden a small walk away from the Adriatic.

Masseria San Domenico was the original hotel for the family and the group. A masseria is traditionally a farming estate, with the owners house and the workers outhouses surrounded by fields, trees and plantations. Lovingly restored into classical, yet modern-day luxury, this is a sanctuary for adults away from the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Masseria Cimino is slightly more rustic and smaller compared to San Domenico, yet it has an understated charm. The communal dining room, cosy rooms and secluded pool offer a more homely and intimate feel. As with all the properties, the focus is on local produce. Puglia is not known as the Breadbasket of Italy for nothing!

Masseria Le Carrube is a new addition and represents a 2020 take on the traditional masseria. The 14 rooms have been recently renovated and are not unlike the ones at Borgo Egnazia. Le Carrube almost has a little brother feel compared to Borgo, but definitely not in an inferior way. The vegetarian restaurant highlights the variety, thought and dynamic nature of the hotel group.

Closer to our home, is San Domenico House. Situated near Sloane Square on a quiet and exclusive road in Chelsea, this boutique hotel has all the style and grace of the King’s Road. Further into the centre of town, is Li Veli restaurant, a joint-venture between the hotel group and the Liveli vineyard. Here, you are served La Cucina Povera with a twist.

To see what is on offer this summer, click on their most recent email communication. You will not be disappointed.

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