Pacesetter Technology

Pacesetter Technology is a new and exciting member experience app designed to enhance the experience of member clubs, whilst facilitating the customer service and raising revenue. Initially designed for golfers, the app technology now offers club members and club GMs a unique opportunity to enhance and improve their experiences.

From face recognition and the member directory, to food ordering and mobile keys, the team at Pacesetter are constantly improving and innovating to grow their burgeoning reputation in the process.

We have been working alongside George Stavros and his team at Pacesetter Technology for a few of years.

Their service and product is second to none and we have been able to assist George with insight and information regarding the European private member market.

Pacesetter is constantly evolving as you will be able to see from the attached videos.

For more information and a full demonstration contact us directly and we will link you with the Pacesetter team.

Alternatively, contact Pacesetter directly on the link below.

Having browsed the website, the first step is to get in touch. Communication is key, so we like to start that way.